Nancy Du   Assistant Professor

Molecular Mechanisms of Tumorigenesis

The overall research goal in my laboratory is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying progression and metastasis of cancer. Tumorigenesis is a multistage process in which normal cells acquire additional genetic changes and gradually become cancerous.  Cancer cells accumulate multiple genetic alterations.  Some of them contribute to stepwise tumorigenesis, and others are merely the by-products of genomic instability of the cancer cells.

We have developed a novel mouse model of pancreatic tumor to systematically analyze candidate genes and to study the links between individual genes and specific cellular changes during tumor progression.  My laboratory utilizes genomics data from human cancers to evaluate whether the candidate genes promote advanced diseases and to investigate the molecular mechanisms.

Current work in the laboratory includes:

1. identification of genes involved in metastasis and understanding the molecular mechanisms

2.  investigation the relationship between oncogenes and cell types for transformation


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