Yuhua Bao   Associate Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research

  • +1 646 962 8037

I study economic and policy issues relating to mental health care access, processes, and outcomes. Major themes of my research include: payment, performance evaluation, delivery, and coverage policies to promote integration of evidence-based mental health care in general medical settings (e.g. primary care); prescription drug coverage and control policies, provider prescribing behaviors, and how they interact to affect patient use of psychotropic and pain medications; need, challenges, and opportunities to improve the quality of mental health care and patient-centered outcomes among older patients receiving home health care; and, chemotherapy use among patients with end-stage cancer and related outcomes and policy implications. 

Trained as a health economist, I specialize in the design and conduct of quantitative health services research. I have recently developed skills and experience with qualitative research methods and am developing research projects that adopt a mixed-methods approach. 


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  • yub2003@med.cornell.edu