Valerie Miké   Clinical Professor Emerita of Biostatistics in Healthcare Policy and Research

President, The Ethics of Evidence Foundation, Inc.

Valerie Miké, Ph.D., is Clinical Professor Emerita of Biostatistics and former Head of the Biostatistics Laboratory at the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research. She was senior editor and contributing author of the book, Statistics in Medical Research: Methods and Issues, with Applications in Cancer Research (Wiley, 1982).

In addition to teaching, research in statistical methodology, and collaboration with medical investigators, Dr. Miké became interested in ethical aspects of uncertainty in medicine, in what she saw as the intertwined relationship between statistics and ethics. More specifically, she turned to the study of ethical and value issues pertaining to uncertainty in biomedical science and technology, with emphasis on the role of statistical evidence in technology diffusion, clinical decision-making, and the formulation of healthcare policy.

Continued reflection led to the notion of an “ethics of evidence,” a multidisciplinary concept addressed to all of society. Developed initially for medicine, the approach has been seen to be widely applicable to decision-making in human affairs. Dr. Miké contributed a series of articles to the Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics (Macmillan Reference USA, 2005), including an introductory essay, “The Ethics of Evidence: A Call for Synthesis.” A second edition of the encyclopedia, with updated entries, was published in 2015.

The Ethics of Evidence Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Miké’s ideas have become formalized in the Ethics of Evidence Foundation, incorporated in the State of New York as a not-for-profit corporation on February 23, 2015, and approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Its mission is to carry on Dr. Miké’s work and that of some other scholars in related fields. Dr. Miké is now engaged in preparing a series of manuscripts for publication by the new Foundation.

A special mandate: Lest all be lost for posterity

After the fall of Communism in Europe, Dr. Miké, a native of Budapest, Hungary, was urged by historians to undertake a biography of her father, who had been the national leader of a dynamic Christian worker movement based on the ideas of Adolph Kolping, a contemporary of Karl Marx in Germany. The results and promise of over two decades of intense effort were destroyed by Soviet-imposed Communist rule.

Years of research involving several trips to Hungary led to the publication in Budapest in 2010 of Dr. Miké’s book, Mike (Mádl) János és kora (1905-1981): A Magyar Kolping Mozgalom és további törekvések a szabadság szolgálatában, METEM, 709pp., ill. 32pp. There was a 10-city book tour, with interviews for radio and television. Dr. Miké is now preparing an English-language edition in two volumes, Seeking Freedom and Justice for Hungary: John Madl-Miké (1905-1981), the Kolping Movement, and the Years in Exile. Volume 1, Hungary and Germany (1905-1949), was published by Rowman & Littlefield in 2015.


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