Steven Pon   Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

The obligation of every clinician is to learn as much as possible from every patient encounter so that future patients may benefit. The physicians of the Division of Pediatric Critical Care are dedicated to bringing cutting-edge research to the bedside and adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Dr. Pon's research interests include:

  • the epidemiology, management and outcomes of hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome in pediatric patients
  • the use of airway pressure release ventilation in pediatric respiratory failure
  • the use of surfactants in acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • the use of alteplase in the management of parapneumonic effusions
  • the optimum dosing of vancomycin in pediatric patients
  • the pharmacokinetics of continuous renal replacement therapy
  • integration of advanced monitoring to enhance care in the high-intensity environment
  • protocolization of critical care to enhance knowledge discovery


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