Sushmita Mukherjee   Associate Professor of Research in Biochemistry

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Utilizing multiphoton microscopy for in vivo cancer diagnosis

The overall goal of this researcher is to develop multiphoton microscopy (MPM) methodologies to identify normal versus cancerous tissue, as well as identify the grade and invasiveness of the cancer, and identify cancer margins. Currently, work is being carried out using human biopsy and whole organ surgical specimens from a variety of organ systems, including the bladder, prostate, colon, kidney, thyroid and the skin. We hope to add lung to this list in the near future. It is anticipated that these MPM images, corroborated with histopathological diagnosis [from hematoxylin/eosin (H&E) stained thin sections], will serve to create a "tissue atlas" for normal and neoplastic human tissue, which can be used for diagnostic purposes.Results from these studies will provide the groundwork for the eventual clinical use of a multiphoton (MP) endoscope, currently being developed at Cornell University, Ithaca, under the supervision of Professor Watt W. Webb. The MP endoscope will allow for real time imaging of the bladder during surgery, thereby obviating the need for unnecessary biopsies. It will also help determine cancer margins and grade during surgery.Multiphoton microscopy as a tool for intravital tissue imaging in living small rodents is also being investigated. These imaging techniques, once standardized, will find use not only in cancer research, but also in a variety of other research scenarios.


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