Naina Sinha Gregory   Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

  • (212) 746-6290 (Office)

Dr. Sinha is involved in research evaluating the endocrine effects following bariatric surgery, particularly the effects on bone metabolism. She is curently investigating the use of potassium citrate in the treatment of osteoporosis. She is also involved in islet transplantation for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes.


An Investigation of the Effects of Potassium Citrate on Bone Metabolism in Postmenopausal Osteopenia.  Dr. Naina Sinha is the Principal Investigator of this study examining the effects of an alkaline compound on bone mineral density.


Effects of Metabolic Surgery on Diabetes Mellitus.  Drs. David Brillon & Naina Sinha are in multiple studies in collaboration with Dr. Francesco Rubino, a Metabolic Surgeon. These studies are examining the mechanisms by which metabolic surgery improves or resolves diabetes.




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Select federal grants awarded

  • Preventing Early Renal Function Loss in Diabetes (PERL)  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases Key Personnel 2013 - 2015



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  • Dr. Naina Sinha Gregory

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  • Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University