Russell F Warren   Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Analysis of soft tissue injuries of the knee and shoulder

Our Research interests have concentrated on muscular skeletal problems particularly related to the shoulder and knee. These have centered on issues of ligament injury, meniscus damage, tendon injury and chondral injury. In the knee and shoulder, selective cutting studies have been used to determine the primary restraints for translation and rotation. We have studied the affect of injury to the ACL, PCL and posterior lateral corner of the knee noting the function of the popliteal tendon. In the shoulder, we have evaluated the restraints to anterior, posterior and inferior translation concerning ulti-directional instability and posterior instability we have the role of the superior structure in these transitions. More recently with our soft tissue laboratory we have worked on the subject of meniscus repair and replacement noting the affect of certain growth factors on meniscal cells and their migration and replication. With Dr. Scott Rodeo we have looked at meniscus replacement using allografts and with Dr. Clemente Ibarra we are studying the possibility of engineering a meniscal replacement.

Previously, we have studied tendon injuries about the shoulder and the affects of acromioplasty at long term follow-up on our patients. We have found positive affect on the rotator cuff in avoiding future tears. With Dr. Field Blevins, we have studied our results of arthroscopy assisted rotator cuff repairs and noted improved rehabilitation. Presently, we are studying the affect of surface area on rotator cuff repairs and progressing on arthroscopic cuff repairs.

We have developed a total shoulder replacement system of a modular type with Dr. David Dines which we have used clinically for ten years. We have previously published on problems related to instability in shoulder replacement and methods to prevent and treat instability. In treating shoulder instability with Dr. Michael Wall, we have noted the affect of heat on the shoulder capsule and are presently applying this clinically in patients with shoulder instability using radio frequency devices.

Our Soft Tissue Research Laboratory is continuing to study methods for promoting the healing and replacement of menisci, ligaments and tendons.


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