Robert M Minutello   Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

  • +1 212 746 4789

Dr. Minutello is primarily focused on outcomes research following angioplasty, and he has worked jointly with the New York State Department of Health. His specific areas of interest include the impact of obesity, race, gender and age on treatment and outcomes following angioplasty. Dr. Minutello formulated the institutional cardiac catheterization lab database at Cornell, a tool designed primarily to analyze predictors of outcomes following coronary interventions. His work has been presented at national meetings including the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. His current projects focus on outcomes following drug eluting stent placement in bypass conduits and pharmacotherapy during coronary interventions. Dr. Minutello has been involved in research regarding health care policies, specifically with regard to catheter-based treatments of patients experiencing acute myocardial infarctions. He has analyzed the relationship between treatment times and cardiovascular outcomes in these patients and has served as an educator on a national level in an effort to optimize and standardize how patients are treated who present with acute coronary syndromes.


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