Pouneh Rabbany   Assistant Professor of Cell Biology Research in Medicine

Pouneh has a longstanding interests in angiogenesis, and has made seminal discoveries on the role of the neurotrophin, BDNF, in mediating angiogenesis. She was part of the scientific team that identified the opposing biological actions of pro and mature neurotrophins (Science, 2001), and identified the dual actions of BDNF in both promoting endothelial cell survival, and in recruiting hematopoietic progenitors to sites of neoangiogenesis (Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2005).

Her current research builds upon these studies to investigate the role of platelets in delivering BDNF to the injured vascular wall, and as a potential therapeutic strategy to promote microvascular survival in models of cardiac and limb ischemia.


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  • rap2008@med.cornell.edu