Patricia Fogarty Mack   Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology


The effect of deliberate mild hypothermia on the cerebrospinal fluid cytokine response in patients undergoing intracranial aneurysm clipping. The purpose of this work is to investigate the effect of deliberate mild hypothermia in modulating the pro-inflammatory cytokine response to subaracnoid hemorrhage and aneurysm clipping. Cytokine data will be linked to both short and long-term outcome in conjunction with the Intraoperative Hypothermia in Aneurysm Surgery Trial (IHAST2).

Intraoperative intraocular pressure and postoperative visual disturbances. This work focuses on pharmacologic interventions to minimize the increase in intraocular pressure that occurs when patients undergo surgery in the prone postion. The effect of this reduction in intraocular pressure on both subtle and gross visual disturbances will be evaluated.

Anesthesia for Awake Craniotomy. Various techniques of sedation/analgesia for awake craniotomy will be compared in patients with different underlying diseases (i.e. malignancy vs. epilepsy) to determine if ther is an ideal anesthetic agent/technique which allows for neurologic functional testing, while maximizing surgical operating conditions and ensuring patient comfort.


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Grants awarded

  • The Effect of Timolol on Intraocular Pressure and Postoperative Vision in Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery  awarded by Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Grant Program Principal Investigator 2004
  • Intra-Operative Hypothermia for Aneurysm Surgery  awarded by National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke Principal Investigator Subaward 2003 - 2004



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  • Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University