Paul J. Albert   Associate Librarian

  • (646) 962-2551

Identity management, scholar information management, and author disambiguation

I have dual roles at Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM), both of which provide concrete value to the institution.

For my Library role, I lead several initiatives relevant to faculty information management:

• VIVO – A web application that allows WCM scholars to have a polished, functional, and accurate profile.
• VIVO Dashboard – Built by WCM developers, an open source Drupal-based web application that empowers faculty and administrators to answer questions about the publication record of academics.
• ReCiter – An open source Java-based algorithm and web service for generating evidence-based assertions about author identity of publications in PubMed. ReCiter's "competitive advantage" is that it leverages the wealth of identity metadata maintained by institutions (e.g., known department, co-investigators, grants, date of degrees, etc.). It is designed with institutional users in mind so that they can maintain accurate and up-to-date author publication lists for thousands of people.

My second role is as Identity Services Product Manager on WCM's Identity Management Team (IDM). In that role, I am responsible for the unified vision and plan to deliver integrated identity services across WCM.

On the IDM Team, I work to refine and improve various processes including:

• timely and accurate assignment of institutional identifiers (CWIDs)
• creation and expiration of accounts
• provisioning and deprovisioning of access to systems
• syndicating identity information with other systems

I also have an interest in presentation skills and strategies. My Presentation Skills workshop has been given over 80 times.


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  • Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University