Moonsoo Jin   Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering in Radiology

Our research interests lie broadly in cancer immunotherapy and nanotechnology for early, sensitive detection of cancer and inflammation, and toward improved therapy through site-specific delivery of therapeutics. For these goals, we develop biomolecules (antibodies, nucleic acids, and other proteins), nano-sized particles, and engineered immune cells (T and NK cells), and validate these components in animal model of human diseases for their ability to detect and treat disease. We employ a variety of imaging techniques (whole body optical imaging, MRI, PET) to evaluate real-time distribution and targeted localization of particles and cells.

Current research topics include:

  • Global, unbiased mining of human antibodies maintaining natural pairing of Ig heavy and light chains
  • Engineering diagnostic and therapeutic nanoparticles toward cancer to allow image-guided drug delivery
  • Engineering of T/NK cells to recognize tumors through chimeric antigen receptor and magnetism-guided localization


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Funding awarded

  • Imaging-Guided Fine tuning of CAR T Cell Affinity to Limit T Cell Cytotoxicity to Tumor Antigen  awarded by National Cancer Institute Principal Investigator 2017 - 2022
  • CMC support and FIO assays for CAR T cell Phase I study (Amendment II)  awarded by AffyImmune Therapeutics Inc. Principal Investigator 2019 - 2020
  • Engineering T cell costimulatory molecules for enhanced T cell efficacy  awarded by Emerson Collective Cancer Research Fund Co-Investigator 2018 - 2020



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