Michelle N. Lee   Staff Associate in Ophthalmology

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Michelle N. Lee, O.D. is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and the New England College of Optometry. She completed a Cornea and Contact Lens Residency at the Pacific University College of Optometry. Dr. Lee also completed the Boston Foundation for Sight Clinical Fellowship in Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem (PROSE) which is used in the treatment of conditions such as Dry Eye Syndrome, Sjogren's Syndrome, Graft-versus-Host Disease, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Keratoconus, Post-Surgical Corneal Ectasia, Post-Corneal Transplant and other ocular surface disorders. Along with these conditions, her clinical interest also includes specialty contact lens fitting of irregular astigmatism, high astigmatism, aphakia, and presbyopia. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.

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An informational video by the Boston Foundation for Sight on PROSE.


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