Michael Hugh Lavyne   Clinical Professor Emeritus of Neurological Surgery

Dr. Lavyne, a Williams College graduate with highest honors in chemistry, a Cornell University Medical College graduate, and a member of the Cornell chapter of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, was trained in Neurosurgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Lavyne was a post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology working with Dr. Richard Wurtman and Dr. Nicholas Zervas on the natural history of experimental stroke and the pharmacological treatment of cerebrovascular disease while continuing his training in neurosurgery at the M.G.H. He has been interested in minimally-invasive brain surgery throughout his career with a special interest in cerebrovascular and third ventricular surgery. Dr. Lavyne has pioneered lumbar microdisectomy as the surgical treatment of choice for patients who have failed conservative treatment for lumbar disc herniation. He has published extensively on these conditions; the original articles are available through the website address below.


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