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Invited Lectures: 1. Seventh MD Anderson Cancer Center Nutrition Symposium; Houston, Texas, 1990. “Nutrition and immunity in the cancer patient.” 2. Society of Surgical chairman; Washington D.C., 1995. “The relation of perioperative mortality to hospital volume in patients undergoing pancreatic resection for malignancy.” 3. Symposium on: The detection and characterization of micrometastatic tumor cells; Lund, Sweden, 1995. 4. Eight European congress of intensive Care Medicine; Athens, Greece, 1995. “Immunonutrition during multimodality therapy in patients with upper gastrointestinal malignancies.” 5. Third annual meeting of Master Clinical Dietitians; Key Biscayne, NJ 1996. “Specific nutrient substrates and immunity.” 6. Norma E. Rich Lecture at Clara Maass Medical Center; Belleville, NJ, 1996. “The present and future of laparoscopic surgery.” 7. Twentieth clinical congress of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition; Washington D.C., 1996. “Overview of clinical trails utilizing specific enteral immunonutrients.” 8. New Jersey Chapter, society of Clinical Care Medicine; Long Branch, New Jersey, 1996. “Nutritional immunomodulation in the ICU.” 9.Symposium: Malnutrition in the hospitalized patient; New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, 1996. “Clinical results with nutritional combinations.” Bibliography: Original Articles: 1. Signal RK, Lieberman MD, Reynolds J, Shou, Daly JM. Helper T-cell depletion augments cytotoxicity to neuroblastoma. Surgical Forum 1989; 40:550-553 2. Lieberman MD, Shou J, Torres AS, Weintraub F, Goldfine j, Daly. Effects of nutrient substances on immune function. Nutrition 1990; 6:88-91. 3. Sigal RK, Lieberman MD, Reynolds J, Williams N, Shou J, Daly JM. Tumor immunization: improved results after vaccine modified with gamma interferon. 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