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Dr. Rosenblatt is a National Institutes of Health funded researcher investigating the mechanisms responsible for wound healing after corneal injury. As a clinician-scientist, he is dedicated to studying the molecular underpinnings of corneal disorders and developing advanced tools to help patients with potentially blinding disease. Projects in Dr. Rosenblatt’s laboratory include: - The characterization of stem cells responsible for the healing of the ocular surface after injury. Information gathered from these studies will guide work to improve the ability to transplant stem cells eyes that have ocular surface trauma. - The use of novel biomaterials to allow for construction of tissue engineered ocular surfaces. - Unraveling the mechanisms required for the regeneration of corneal nerves following corneal infections and surgery. Loss of corneal sensation is a common endpoint of a myriad of corneal conditions and may lead to poor ocular surface healing, persistent ulceration, and in advanced cases corneal perforation and blindness. The mechanisms which regulate the healing of corneal nerves after injury is not well understood, and findings I the Rosenblatt Lab may eventually be used to design therapies to treat the loss of corneal nerves. - A study of a the role of proteases in the maintenance of corneal clarity. Specifically the role of matrilsin in regulating corneal scarring and neovascularization after injury in an excimer laser model has been examined.


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