Marianne Elizabeth Nellis   Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

  • +1 212 746 3056

I am interested in the intersection of transfusion medicine and pediatric critical care research.  My current projects include:

Point Prevalence of Platelet Transfusions in Critically Ill Children (P3T): This international observational study will describe platelet transfusion characteristics, dose, indications, and outcomes in critically ill children. The data gathered will be used to identify and target certain at-risk patient populations for interventional studies of platelet transfusion strategies and the validation of bleeding scores.

Bleeding Assessment in Critical Illness (BACI): This research program seeks to develop a consensus definition for bleeding in critically ill children with the eventual goal of developing a validate bleeding score.

Markers of Hemolysis Related to the Age of Red Blood Cell Transfusions: This prospective, observational study is being done in collaboration with colleagues at Columbia University.

ABC-PICU: An international, randomized trial of fresh red blood cell transfusions in critically ill children. Our PICU is one of the sites of the study.


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