Linda T. Vahdat   Professor of Medicine

  • (212) 821-0644 (Office)

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Director of the Breast Cancer Research Program

Dr. Vahdat's research is focused on many aspects of the care of patients with breast cancer and reflects the goals of the WMC Breast Cancer Research Program. The goals of the Program are to understand the biology of the disease- with a focus on metastases, to provide access to new agents to treat our patients and to understand why certain side effects occur with certain drugs with a long term view to prevention or identification of patients at high risk for development of these effects. As such, the research portfoliio reflects these broad-based concepts. The breast cancer research group has available a wide variety of active new agents for breast cancer in early phase II to III trials. We have several trials in place that are looking to change the paradigm of high risk for recurrence breast cancer (Phase II trial of tetrathiomolybdate in breast cancer at high risk of recurrence) and collaboration with world-class laboratory scientists at WMC to help understand these processes.


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Select federal grants awarded

  • Early Therapeutics Development with Phase II Emphasis  awarded by National Cancer Institute Key Personnel 2006 - 2011
  • Functional Analysis and Therapeutic Potential of miR-708 in Metastatic Breast Cancer  awarded by United States Department of Defense Key Personnel 2013 -
  • Targeting Master Regulators of the Breast Cancer Metastasis Transcriptome  awarded by United States Department of Defense Principal Investigator Subaward 2013 - 2015



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  • Dr. Linda T Vahdat

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  • Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University