Laurie H. Glimcher   Adjunct Professor of Medicine


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Selected publications


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Grants awarded

  • T-bet and Tumor Immunity  awarded by National Cancer Institute Principal Investigator 2013 -
  • Novel Regulators of Bone Formation  awarded by National Institute of Child Health & Human Development Principal Investigator 2012 -
  • From Sugar to Fat: How Transcription Factor XBP1 Regulates Hepatic Lipogenesis Principal Investigator
  • ER Stress Sensor XBP1 as a Key Regulator of Ovarian Cancer Immunity  awarded by Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Key Personnel 2015 -
  • Identification and Characterization of Bone-Related Genetic Variants in Families  awarded by Qatar National Research Fund Principal Investigator Subaward 2015 - 2018



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