Leandro Cerchietti   Assistant Professor

  • +1 212 746 7649

Dr. Cerchietti is a physician scientist who is now fully dedicated to translational research in cancer. His research focus is on pharmacology in cancer. He performed in depth mechanistic studies on targets of interest as well as pharmacological studies with candidate molecules in vitro, in animal models and in patients. In addition to high throughput screening of small molecules to target oncogenic pathways, he designed strategies to modify classical "undruggable" targets like transcription factors and protein-protein interactions. He developed new techniques and assays to study T- and B-cell lymphoma and solid tumor (breast cancer, lung cancer and melanoma) cell metabolism and response to stress in real time under several conditions. Dr. Cerchietti has a long-standing commitment to clinical research in cancer. It has also contributed to the design of rational strategies for the clinical translation of epigenetic agents and targeted therapies (DNMT inhibitors, Cox2 inhibitors, Hsp90 inhibitors, nuclear pore inhibitors and BCL6 inhibitors) to the treatment of cancer patients.


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  • lec2010@med.cornell.edu