Judith Cukor   Associate Professor of Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry

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Dr. Cukor serves in multiple roles on several studies related to trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and developing treatments for PTSD in diverse trauma populations.

She is currently the principal investigator of a study funded by the New York Community Trust to assess the behavioral and neuroanatomical manifestations of extinction learning in returning OIF/OEF veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Her research interests include furthering our understanding of the interplay between PTSD and TBI, and the effects of physical injury on coping with trauma.

Dr. Cukor is co-investigator and a primary clinician on a Department of Defense-funded clinical trial entitled, "Enhancing Exposure Therapy for PTSD: Virtual Reality and Imaginal Exposure with a Cognitive Enhancer."

She is primary investigator on a study of an innovative treatment for burn patients that addresses the numerous psychiatric sequelae of burn injury, utilizing a manual she developed for the population.

Dr. Cukor is a co-investigator on a study evaluating the longitudinal development of PTSD in burn patients with an evaluation of genetic risk factors for PTSD and the study of extinction utilizing neuroimaging. She was co-investigator on an STTR (R41) grant to develop and test a virtual environment for the treatment of PTSD and substance use resulting from the attacks of September 11, 2001. She was a co-investigator, primary clinician, and project coordinator of an efficacy study evaluating the use of virtual reality in the treatment of PTSD following the World Trade Center attacks.

Dr. Cukor has co-authored numerous articles and book chapters, and been an invited speaker at Grand Rounds and conferences.


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Grants awarded

  • Behavioral and Neuroanatomical Manifestations of Extinction Learning in Returning OIF/OEF Veterans With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury  awarded by New York Community Trust Principal Investigator 2014 -
  • Welcome Back Veterans  awarded by McCormick Foundation Key Personnel 2014 -
  • Enhancing Exposure Therapy for PTSD: Virtual Reality and Imaginal Exposure With Cognitive Enhancer  awarded by United States Department of Defense Key Personnel 2010 -



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  • juc2010@med.cornell.edu