Jessica S. Ancker   Associate Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research

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I study the use of health information technology by patients and providers, its effects on decision making, and more broadly, its effects on public health. My recent work has focused in two areas.

1. Health information technology, cognition, and health behavior: I am keenly interested in good information design and its potential for enabling better health literacy, numeracy, and communication. I have published on the design and use of commercial patient portals in ambulatory care, and have also conducted experiments designed to explore better visualizations for use with patients. I'm also currently involved in a collaboration to develop novel passive sensor systems in smart phone apps, then process the data in a way that is informative to patients and their healthcare providers. Although much of my work is focused on patient behavior, I've also done work on information design and its effect on physician decision-making.

2. Multidisciplinary evaluation of the effects of commercial health IT: I believe it is critical to measure the impact of the ongoing transformation of US healthcare by electronic health records and other technologies. I have brought both qualitative and quantitative methods to this issue. In a multiyear project that is now nearing completion, I mined clinical EHR data to develop novel measures that captured the way different physicians were using the technology, and linked these usage metrics to standard measures of healthcare quality.

I am the program director for Weill Cornell's health IT certificate program, and currently teach the master's level research methods course in health informatics. I have also taught biostatistics, scientific writing, data visualization, risk communication, and human factors evaluation.


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Select federal grants awarded

  • Improving Healthcare Quality With User-Centric Patient Portals  awarded by Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality Principal Investigator 2013 -
  • Timely Training of Workers Competent to Support EHR Deployment and Meaningful Use  awarded by United States Department of Health & Human Services Key Personnel 2010 - 2013
  • Novel Techniques for Patient-Centric Disease Management  awarded by National Science Foundation Key Personnel 2013 -
  • Evaluating MedlinePlus Connect Principal Investigator Subcontract 2012 - 2013



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