John J Savarese   Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology

  • +1 212 746 2962

Neuromuscular Pharmacology

We are continuing structure-activity studies of 430A (GW280430A), other related mixed-onium chlorofumarates and other related compounds in search of improved ultra-short acting and intermediate-acting nondepolarizing muscle relaxants. This work is done in collaboration with Avera Pharmaceuticals.

Studies of the neuromuscular blocking properties, reversal, metabolism and degradation, cardiovascular side-effects and toxicity of these types of neuromuscular blocking drugs are ongoing in animal species (dog, cat, monkey) and in human subjects.

Collaborations within the Department of Anesthesiology involve Drs. Matthew R. Belmont, Cynthia A. Lien and Joseph Tjan.


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