Jill Fong   Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology

Obstetric Anesthesia

In the field of obstetric anesthesia, we continually look at a wide variety of topics in the hope of benefiting our current clinical practice. We analyzed the labor curves of grandmultiparous, lower parity multiparous and nulliparous women to determine how additional childbearing affects the progress of labor. Our objective was to either confirm existing or establish new rational progress of labor curves on which obstetric intervention can be implemented forward in the future. Our keen concern in improving care for hemorrhaging obstetric patients has led to our interest in red blood cell salvage techniques in the cesarean section population. In addition to exploring the potential safety of this modality, we are looking at the practicality of its use. Finally, to improve patient satisfaction with their analgesia for labor, we looked to see if we could alleviate itching associated with intrathecal fentanyl using epidural naloxone. Currently, we are investigating the effects of anesthetic interventions on a variety of obstetrical disease states.


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