Ilias Siempos   Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine

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Dr Siempos has pursued an academic career of clinician-scientist in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. He graduated (M.D.) in the top 1% of his class from the University of Thessaloniki-Medical School, Greece and earned a doctorate (D.Sc.) with Excellence in Critical Care Medicine from the University of Athens, Greece. He won a number of national honorary scholarships and early awards. He trained at the Department of Critical Care and Pulmonary Services, Evangelismos Hospital, University of Athens before he moves to the United States, firstly in Harvard Medical School and then in Weill Cornell Medical College, as post-doctoral fellow under the mentoring of Dr Augustine Choi. Since his graduation, as a clinician, he enjoyed caring for critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation. The clinical challenges of such patients incited his interest in the main reasons (namely, acute respiratory failure/acute lung injury due to respiratory tract infections and sepsis) for and complications (namely, ventilator-associated pneumonia and ventilator-induced lung injury) of mechanical ventilation. As a researcher, he strives to understand these interconnected clinical entities using a variety of appropriate methodological tools, such as animal models; translational research; clinical outcomes research and meta-analyses. His publication record includes 65 peer-reviewed papers and has received over 2200 citations in the literature with Hirsch index h= 30 (according to Scopus). Trying to maintain a broad perspective, he is also interested in history of medicine. He enjoys learning from interactions with other clinicians and/or scientists and he is committed to mentoring.

  • acute lung injury; acute respiratory distress syndrome; pneumonia


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Funding awarded

  • A Phase II Study of Inhaled CO for the Treatment of ARDS  awarded by United States Department of Defense Co-Investigator 2018 - 2022
  • Inflammasomes: Regulation and Function in Acute Lung Injury  awarded by National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute Co-Investigator 2018 - 2022
  • Heme Oxygenase - 1/Carbon Monoxide in Lung Vascular Injury  awarded by National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute Key Personnel 2014 - 2020



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