Hector Peinado Selgas   Adjunct Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology in Pediatrics

In our laboratory, we have identified a novel crosstalk mechanism between tumor and bone marrow cells by tumor-secreted exosomes. We recently discovered a unique role for tumor-secreted exosomes promoting a pro-metastatic and pro-vasculogenic phenotype of bone marrow progenitor cells (Peinado et al, Nature Medicine 2012). Our studies underscore the importance of exosomes regulating the behavior of stromal cells. We defined a role for the oncogene MET and the pro-vasculogenic marker TIE2 in new populations of bone marrow-circulating progenitor cells that can be used to monitor metastatic spread in melanoma patients. My current lines of investigation are focused on analyzing the role of exosomes in the crosstalk between the tumor and the microenvironment and design novel strategies to monitor and/or block metastasis.


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  • hps2002@med.cornell.edu