Heather Yeo   Assistant Professor of Surgery

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Dr. Yeo's early research was based on surgical education, training and outcomes. As a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar from 2006-2008, she trained in clinical study design and methodology and obtained a Master's degree in health service research. The research Dr. Yeo began as an RWJ scholar included serving as the principal investigator on the first national prospective cohort study of surgical residents (the NEARS study). Based on that study, she has published extensively in many major journals, including the Annals of Surgery, Archives of Surgery, and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). More recently Dr. Yeo's research has focused on surgical outcomes and quality improvement in Colon and Rectal surgery. While a fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering, she worked to understand bowel function in rectal cancer patients who have undergone sphincter preserving surgery and studied ways to improve their quality of life. Dr. Yeo's interest is in improving the quality of care and quality of life of patients suffering from Colon and Rectal cancers.

Recently, Dr. Yeo was awarded two years of grant funding through the Empire Clinical Research Investigator Program (ECRIP) from New York State. The goal of this research is to utilize predictive modeling to help understand which patients are at risk for complications in order to target these patients and intervene early in their hospital stay. Dr. Yeo is dedicated to finding ways to improve both the cost and quality of patient care and the overall treatment of patients suffering from long term illness, such as cancer.

Research Areas of Interest:

Surgical Outcomes

Patient Quality of Life

Operative techniques and innovation

Comparative effectiveness research

Health Services Research

Predictive Modeling

Technology and Healthcare

Surgical Education/Training

Surgical Resident Attrition

Resident Satisfaction

Sphincter preserving surgery

Quality of life

Health outcomes


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Grants awarded

  • Use of Mobile Applications to Evaluate Post Surgical Recovery in Aging Patients With GI Cancer  awarded by Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Principal Investigator 2016 - 2019
  • Data-Driven Insights to Inform Health Care Delivery Innovation  awarded by New York State Department of Health Key Personnel 2014 - 2016



Primary Email

  • hey9002@med.cornell.edu