Gabrielle H. Silver   Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Gabrielle H. Silver, MD  practices adult, child and adolescent psychiatry with a special interest in psychoanalysis. She has expertise in child development and parent-child work, as well as work with medically ill children.

Dr. Silver began her medical career at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and trained in Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Child Psychiatry first at Brown University and then at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. She went on to complete a fellowship in Infant Psychiatry at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weil Cornell. Dr. Silver directed the Cornell Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Consultation Liaison service to Pediatrics for eight years as full time faculty in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. In this capacity she developed the CAPD quickly becoming the standard of care for screening critically ill children for delirium.  She continues to train psychiatrist and pediatricians in the developmentally appropriate evaluation of critically ill children.  She graduated as a psychoanalyst from the New York Psychoanalytic Institute in 2013, and is currently on the faculty of NYPSI.

Her practice is available for consultations, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and psychopharmacology.

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