Giorgio Ga. Inghirami   Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

  • +1 212 746 5616

The main interest of Dr. Inghirami's laboratory involves the molecular and biological characterization of PTCL, in particular, Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL). A major effort has been devoted to the development of innovative in vitro and in vivo models to test new compounds and preclinical protocols.

The development of a functional genomics laboratory and more recently of a hPDT mouse facility led to the discovery of the several molecular mechanisms leading to Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase - driven lymphomagenesis and to the discovery of targets which could be explored as sensitive molecules for innovative tailored therapies. Moreover, the transcriptional characterization of a large panel of PTCL has provided novel insights to the origin of ALCL and a diagnostic classifier for routine clinical analyses. Molecular cytogenetic analyses have recently identified a high-risk group of patients, supporting the rationale for the implementation of tailored up - front therapy for naive ALCL patients. The discovery that ALK fusion proteins are effective onco-antigens for lymphoma vaccination has opened new avenues for the treatment of all ALK+ neoplasms and the possibility to overcome chemo- and TKi-resistant neoplasms. The patent rights on mouse models and innovative vaccinations are shared with New York University. Dr. Inghirami's group works closely with European, North and South American groups, including the European T-Cell Lymphoma Study Group and the European Research Initiative groups studying ALK-related malignancies.


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