Faith Gunning   Associate Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry

Throughout my career, I have focused on the relationship of cerebral aging to affective and cognitive functions in middle-aged and older adults. Since joining Weill Cornell’s Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry in 2004, I have combined my background as a clinical neuropsychologist with my expertise in cognitive neuroscience to develop and conduct a program of research studies using MRI to examine neurobiological predictors of expression, course, and outcomes of depression. My studies use performance-based measures and multimodal neuroimaging (task-based fMRI, resting state fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging) to examine functioning of brain networks (e.g., cognitive control dysfunction, reward abnormalities) and treatment response. 

I currently hold an NIMH-funded R01 that uses task-based fMRI and probabilistic tractography to better understand the role of cognitive control, affective networks, and reward networks in antidepressant response of late-life depression. In addition, I am using multimodal neuroimaging (task-based fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging) to better understand target engagement of neurobiologically-informed psychosocial interventions for MDD (e.g., Engage versus Problem-Solving Therapy (PST); Cognitive remediation delivered via mobile technology, Project EVO(1R61MH110509)). 

As Vice Chair of Psychology at Weill Cornell Medicine and the Director of the Institute's Training Unit, I play an integral role in mentoring clinical scientists at the postdoctoral fellow and junior faculty level both at Weill Cornell and through national mentoring programs.  


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