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Breast Cancer

I am a clinical and translational researcher in breast cancer. As an academic medical center, one of our missions is to carry out research in order to improve the outcomes of women with breast cancer. We do this in several ways: we collaborate with our basic researcher colleagues by providing biological samples and clinical insights in order to study basic mechanisms of carcinogenesis, angiogenesis and metastastic potential. Secondly, we seek to make available to our patients promising new drugs through participation in phase 1 and 2 clinical trials. Not only does this help our patients by giving them access to potentially active new drugs "in the pipeline" that they would otherwise not have access to, it is critical to the goal of moving the field of cancer treatment forward, through early testing of promising drugs. Finally we participate in large randomized phase 3 clinical trials - these are the trials that seek to change the standard of care by proving that a new treatment is an improvement over an older treatment. Due to my prior experience as an immunologist, I have a particular interest in bringing vaccines and other novel immunotherapies to our patients.


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