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Dr. FeldmanÂ’s research efforts have been focused on defining the role of new chemotherapeutic and biotherapeutic agents in the treatment of leukemia and on understanding the biology of leukemic cells as it relates to response to chemotherapy. He has also focused on the use of gene therapy strategies in leukemia. Dr. Feldman has implemented a number of exciting and scientifically meritorious clinical trials in acute leukemias. He is regarded as an expert in this area of clinical-translational research. Dr. Feldman has pioneered in deevloping several treatment protocols for which he has received national and international recognition. He has innovated in developing new approaches to assess effectiveness of the treatment of leukemias and the mechanism of cell death, by analyzing apoptosis of leukemic cells in blood adn bone marrow induced by the chemotherapy. He has had a productive academic career, publishing widely in the area of the biology and/or treatment of leukemia, with more than 112 peer reviewed manuscripts in prestigious journals.


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