Elizabeta C. Popa   Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

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Clinical & Translational Research

Dr. Popa's main research interests lie in the fields of head & neck cancers and uncommon gastrointestinal cancers such as liver cancer, neuroendocrine cancer and sarcomas. The Division of Hematology/Oncology here at Cornell is spearheading the development of highly specialized multi-disciplinary teams in these very difficult to treat tumors. Ongoing research collaborations leading to clinical trials include work with radioactive antibioties, targeted molecular therapies often involving oral drugs as well as directed approaches using intratumoral and intra-arterial therapies. Joint efforts with surgical oncology, radiation oncology and nuclear medicine are leading to the development of a Neuroendocrine program and a Liver cancer program. Currently the focus is on patients in which other therapies have failed and who require innovative approaches to treating advanced cancer. A strong, established Head & Neck cancer program is now being enhanced by Dr. Popa's collaboration, exploring less toxic variations of established treatment paradigms, so as to maximize disease control and patient quality of life as well, minimizing such crippling treatment-induced effects as xerostomia {dry mouth] and feeding-tube dependence. Approaches towards these goals include attenuated chemotherapy regimens and the use of novel agents.


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