Dimitris N Kiosses   Associate Professor of Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry

  • +1 646 962 2820

Dr. Kiosses is an Associate Professor of Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College. His research focuses on the relationship of depression, cognitive deficits (including mild cognitive impairment and dementia), and disability in elderly patients. He has published on the effects of cognitive deficits on disability and on poor outcomes in geriatric depression. Specifically, it has been demonstrated that executive dysfunction, a cognitive deficit associated with frontal lobe dysfunction, is associated with impairment in activities of daily living and is a significant predictor of relapse of geriatric depression. Dr. Kiosses has received the following awards to develop and test the feasibility of Problem Adaptation Therapy (PATH), a new home-delivered psychotherapy for elderly depressed with cognitive deficits and disability: a NARSAD 2001 Young Investigator Award, an award from the Weill Wright Center for Aging Research and Clinical Care, and a five-year Career Development Award from the National Institute of Mental Health.


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  • dkiosses@med.cornell.edu