Diana Delgado   Associate Librarian

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Diana serves in the position of Associate Director, Information and Education Services, in addition to administrative duties and leadership, she provides information services, including expert literature searching, evidence-based medicine (EBM) teaching, techniques on navigating the world of publishing, and research skills workshops, to a range of health professionals and students in the WCMC and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital community. Diana created and manages a systematic review service, made up of a team of library faculty and an information specialist. Her expertise in systematic reviews include formulating questions, identifying and translating terms across multiple databases, collecting data from applicable resources, organizing references using bibliographic management tools, identifying relevant guidelines, and authoring search methodology. Diana co-teaches the EBM module of Medicine, Patients, and Society I (MPS I), part of the first year medical students’ curriculum and has been invited to serve as a speaker on research skills, EBM, and systematic reviews, at a number of programs including WCMC Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program and the WCMC Annual Nursing Research Symposium.  She is involved in local and national medical library organizations and serves on a number of library and medical committees. From 2009-2011 she was an associate editor of the Journal of the Medical Library Association, an international, peer-reviewed journal. In 2008, she was accepted to the National Library of Medicine’s fellowship program in biomedical informatics at the Marine Biological Laboratory. 


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