Deyin D. Hsing   Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

I am currently involved in a retrospective review of our experience in the care of patients requiring pediatric intensive care unit admission following hematopoietic stem cell transplant [HSCT]. The primary purpose of this study is to identify predictors of survival to discharge in pediatric HSCT patients with multi-organ system dysfunction. The secondary purpose of this study is to facilitate the design of a clinical protocol in the care of pediatric HSCT patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure, with the ultimate goal of improving overall survival in this cohort of high risk pediatric patients. I am currently working one of the senior pediatric residents on this project.

As part of a quality improvement initiative, I am currently involved in data collection and input for the Near-4-Kids project, which is a multi-institutional national emergency airway registry for children. This collaborative seeks to identify factors associated with adverse events surrounding tracheal intubation with an ultimate goal of compiling ‘best practices' surrounding to tracheal intubation associated with a reduced risk of adverse events.

In addition, I am currently involved in several fellow projects involving my other areas of research interest. Planned studies involving or led by fellows include: a prospective study evaluating the utility of noninvasive cardiac output monitoring in the pediatric population; a prospective study utilizing urine cortisol levels to assess the appropriateness of empiric stress hydrocortisone dosing in patients with a clinical assessment of adrenal insufficiency. I hope to design additional clinical research projects in these two areas in the future, utilizing some of the results from above mentioned fellow projects. I would welcome resident participation in these future projects.


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