Czarina Navos Behrends   Instructor in Healthcare Policy and Research

  • +1 646 962 9464

Dr. Behrends' current work focuses on improving HIV and HCV testing and treatment for people who inject drugs in different settings (e.g., substance use disorder treatment programs, syringe exchange programs, etc) and improving strategies for preventing and reversing opioid overdose fatalities.  Dr. Behrends' research areas includes harm reduction services, public health, epidemiology of infectious diseases, health services research, and policy impact in the areas of substance use.


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Grants awarded

  • Economic Analysis of Rapid HIV and HCV Testing in Drug Abuse Treatment Programs  awarded by National Institute on Drug Abuse Key Personnel 2015 - 2018
  • Project INSPIRE-NYC  awarded by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Key Personnel 2014 - 2017



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