Christopher F Liu   Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

  • +1 212 746 2158

Dr. Liu is committed to advancing our understanding of mechanisms of arrhythmias and novel approaches to catheter ablation. His recent work has aimed at evaluating the utility of dominant frequency analysis as a method to identify areas of complex fractionated electrograms (CFEs) in the human left atrium during atrial fibrillation. CFE areas may be important in sustaining persistent atrial fibrillation and thus have become target for catheter ablation of this arrhythmia; Dr. Liu's work suggests that the dominant frequency map can identify additional areas of CFE which are not detected by the conventional method. In addition, Dr. Liu is pursuing improvement in the integration of advanced imaging technologies such as intracardiac echocardiography and rotational angiography into complex ablation procedures for atrial fribrillation and ventricular tachycardia. Dr. Liu has co-authored several manuscripts in respected cardiology journals, and his recent findings were presented at the Annual Scientific Sessions of the Heart Rhythm Society. He is a member of the Heart Rhythm Society and the American College of Cardiology.


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