Ashutosh Kacker   Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology

  • +1 212 746 5097

Sponsored Research Award Center for Aging Research and Clinical Care for the project "Use of Olfactory mucosal biopsy for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease- a pilot study" 7/1/02-6/30/04 for $20,000/- Weill Medical College of Cornell University-The New York Presbyterian Hospital (IRB Protocol) Obstruction: effects on Nasal Airflow and Voice. 2002-2003 Feasibility of Endoscopic Olfactory mucosal biopsy for immunohistochemical staining at autopsy - a pilot study. 2002-2003 A Randomized Trial Of Hypertonic Nasal Irrigation, Normotonic Dead Sea Salt Nasal Irrigation , Hypertonic Dead Sea Salt Nasal Irrigation and Normal Saline Nasal Irrigation In Patients With Sinusitis. 2002-2003 Value of Contact Nasal Endoscopy in Diagnosis and Treatment of Nasal and Para-Nasal Sinus Pathology- a pilot study. 2002-2003 Role of Floseal as a middle meatal spacer and its role in mucosal healing after endoscopic sinus surgery. 2002-2003 Gene expression microarray analysis in patients with Chronic Refractory Sinusitis- a pilot study. 2002 -2003 Effect of Prematurity on Nasal Ciliary Beat. 2002-2003 Role of Epoxy glue in the management of Anterior uncomplicated epistaxis 2003-2004 Role of Amphotericin-B in the Management of Chronic Refractory Sinusitis. 2002-2003 Efficacy of Image Guided Surgery in Complicated Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. 2002-2003 Incidence of Positive Fungal Cultures in Chronic Refractory Sinusitis. 2002-2003


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