Anjali M Rajadhyaksha   Associate Professor of Neuroscience in Pediatrics

Associate Professor of Neurology in Pediatrics, Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Dr. Rajadhyaksha's current work is focused on examining neuronal voltage-gated L-type Ca2 channel subunits, Cav1.2 and Cav1.3 in experience-dependent plasticity. She is currently pursuing the following projects in her laboratory.1. Use of genetic mutant mouse models to delineate the roles of the voltage-gated L-type Ca2 channel subunits, Cav1.2 and Cav1.3 in psychostimulant-induced addictive behaviors and to explore the molecular mechanisms by which Cav1.2 and Cav1.3 channels mediate persistent adaptations in dopamine and glutamate neurotransmission in the rodent brain.2. Use of RNA interference (RNAi) to generate spatial and temporal knockdown of Cav1.2 and Cav1.3 to examine the molecular mechanisms of learning and memory.3. To identify mechanisms of dysregulation of Ca2 signaling in Autism spectrum disorder, a brain developmental disorder.


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  • Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University